In May. 2005, Qingdao Metro-3D Technology Co., Ltd. was established;

In Aug. 2005, the first equipment was off the production line and purchased by the CEN company in Italy;

In Nov. 2005, the first L type machine was successfully developed and exported to Taiwan;

In May. 2006, The first large-size L type machine was exported to Myanmar;

In Apr. 2007, we were designated by world famous Renishaw as the sole participant of CMIT 2007;

In Aug. 2007, the first combined measuring machine was successfully developed and purchased by Deco Electronics Company;

In May. 2008, the first double gantry measuring machine for which our company has the intellectual property rights was successfully developed in China;

In Dec. 2008, our company undertook the project of National 863 Plan and successfully completed the task and won the high praise from relevant experts;

We have successfully conducted cooperation with many top enterprises such as SMC, Phase, Avision, Arvinmeritor, Yuchai Group, Shanghai Auto Group, Shenglong Group and Huaye Group etc.

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