Measurement benchmarks, with the simultaneous development of world technology in China


Based on its rich experience and solid application technology in CMM industry, Qingdao Metro-3D Technology Co., Ltd. is trying hard to build a company in China which is able and capable to provide the world with the most advanced measuring technology and products. Experiences gained in the past twenty years has laid solid foundations for the company, enabling us to develop coordinate measuring machines with high quality and high reliability, and to design technologically advanced control systems. Meanwhile, the powerful measuring software 3D CAD helps to make our products outstanding in practicality and stability.

With the development of manufacturing technology and the up-rated requirements for product quality, coordinate measuring machine plays an important and indispensable role in the control of manufacturing processes. It makes us feel proud that today not only in the design and production but also in CMM’s application field, Qingdao Metro-3D has shown its great strength and capability. We always attach great importance to design work and try every effort to make our CMM a perfection. We think much of quality consistence at each step of the whole manufacturing process. As to application technology, we focus on safety and easy operation of the machine. All our efforts, as a result, make our customers believe that they are a real beneficiary. Only in a couple of years, Qingdao Metro-3D has achieved an incredible success that makes the company win a lot of favor and be widely recognized both at home and abroad.


Qingdao Metro-3D has completed construction of its own standard workshop with constant temperature control and a demo/training center to offer full-time training course by our professional and experienced teachers. The newly built facility enables us to respond quickly to customer demand either in pre-sale, sale or in the stage of after sale services. CMMs developed by Qingdao Metro-3D have found its application in a number of areas such as precision measurement, quality control, control of production process as well as in die making and some other jobs where high degree of accuracy is a must. We take great pride in the fact that our CMMs are now widely used in the automobile industry, aerospace, machine tool building, IDF Engineering, electronic and plastic industries, mold making, and even in teaching programs - providing a full range of measurement solutions. We are always ready to offer professional service and support whenever customer needs help for design of their entire measuring programs, integration of local measurements, or for selection of final measuring solutions.

It’s known to all that China imported a great number of CMMs from abroad. Keeping this in mind, we now offer a full range of technical services including maintenance and service of the existing CMMs, calibration, retrofit, system upgrading software, training, and design of reverse engineering, etc. Anyway, we are able and ready to provide customers engaged in various areas any kind of personalized support they may need.                     

Aimed at “To be a benchmark in measurement area and develop in pace with the advanced technology of the world” and “To build a company being not the biggest but try to do the best”, Qingdao Metro-3D Technology Co. Ltd. is going forward rapidly along its preset direction and goal - To provide customers with trustworthy product and services.

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